A Full Guide To Fall Weddings At The Alexander Homestead: Part II

Grace & Flexibility

     When you have your heart set on having your wedding at a beautiful venue, such as The Alexander Homestead, two words pair nicely in response to inquiries about available Saturday evenings in October: grace and flexibility. Saturday evenings are the most sought after date for most brides, especially in October. We start holding dates up to two years in advance, and sometimes the dates our future brides are looking for are already taken. We encourage you to have grace and see the beauty in a wedding day that falls on a Friday or Sunday. There are many advantages to having your event on one of these days. With your event at the start or finish of the weekend, you can spend more time with your out of town family and friends by making it a wedding weekend rather than just a wedding day. Host a cookout serving your favorite barbecue and let your guests bring their favorite side dishes. Gather around a back yard fire pit and share a bottle of wine while welcoming your guests to town. Take a trip down Memory Lane as you share old stories together, laugh about good times, and celebrate your marriage. Gather your girls to help you finish up your last minute wedding tasks, such as packaging wedding favors or creating personalized decorations. These are just a few examples of ways to enjoy quality time with the people that you love. Another advantage to not having a wedding on a Saturday evening is a venue discount. Most venues will offer a discounted price for Friday, Sunday, and even Saturday afternoon. I know we do! You can save a significant amount of money just by swapping your date. I don't know about you but I am all about saving money any way I can. 

     Flexibility is another important attribute to have when trying to book your dream wedding venue. Often times brides try to choose a sentimental date to host their wedding. I am not saying by any means that you should not do that. It just means you are severely limiting your options. If you go into the scheduling process with an open mind and flexible calendar, then you leave no room for disappointment. 
     God's grace stretches over the vast sea of all our circumstances and needs. Don't spend endless hours worrying about your date because whatever date you choose it will still be a perfect event! After all, you are marrying the person of your dreams. What could be more perfect than that?


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