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My name is Renee, and I am the Director for Sales and Marketing. 
My objective in this blog post is very simple.  I want to give you a clear picture of who we are and what we do.  I want to answer some of the most common questions brides ask me, and hopefully give you a good grasp as to what the Alexander Homestead is all about.

What does an “all-inclusive” wedding at the Alexander Homestead mean?
As you call around to other venues, you might be feeling like you’re getting mixed messages about this whole “all-inclusive” thing. The typical experience you will have at a venue visit is to take a tour, receive some basic pricing info, and then receive a preferred vendor list. While the information is helpful to give you a starting point for researching vendors, what these venues are basically communicating to you is that you have to do all the research and act as your own event manager (what bride has time for that?).  We set ourselves apart in that, each of our vendors are exclusive service partners with the Alexander Homestead.  When you have your initial tour of the Alexander Homestead, we gather information from you as to what services you want a quote for.  Then, we plug all that information into a 6 page detailed proposal. Our brides love this! We have no hidden costs and completely eliminate the need for you to be paying/contracting/coordinating anywhere from 5-10 different vendors.  Our philosophy on this is that we want our brides to be able to focus on the FUN aspects of planning a wedding and leave the stressful (to you) parts to us. The other great aspect to our all-inclusive offerings is that you are provided an Event Manager AND Day-Of Coordinator to help you with anything you need along the way.  You will receive at least 3 face to face visits (initial tour, contract appointment, and final meeting)and unlimited access to us through phone, text, and email.  Customer service is our #1 priority!

What sets the Alexander Homestead apart from other venues?
The short answer is this: experience and great customer service. The owners of AH have been in the wedding industry for 20+ years. They have personally owned and operated 3 successful wedding venues across the nation. Being a Christian run company, our core values are honesty and integrity. We don’t hide costs, but on the contrary provide you with a 6 page itemized proposal at your very first tour. We produce over 100 events a year so with that comes a huge level of expertise and experience working with brides. Our goal is to eliminate as much of the stress that accompanies planning a wedding as possible (sorry, we can’t take away the potential family drama, but we would love to be a listening ear when you’re stressed!). As part of our customer service, we want to respect your time. If you have a question, we will respond immediately. If you have a concern, we will deal with it professionally and promptly. Our goal truly is to “make your wedding dreams become a beautiful reality.”

Why would I choose to use the Alexander Homestead’s Service Partners?
EASY! If you like to eliminate stress from your life and save money, then you should use our service partners.  Before we invite a particular vendor to join our team, they must negotiate a discounted rate to offer our customers. We want our clients to have the benefit of using high quality vendors and not be paying out the nose. The discounts vary depending on who and what you choose, but you can be assured the price will be anywhere from 12-50% off the vendor’s normal rates. IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT have to use our service partners! About 95% of our couples do, but if you have already chosen some of your providers, that’s great! Plus, any vendor that is included in your contract, we will be 100% responsible to contract and coordinate that service for you!

How much does the typical wedding cost at the Alexander Homestead?
That is a complicated answer due to the fact that we truly are an all-inclusive venue and we need to know more about YOU in order to give you a quote. Our facility rental fees range anywhere from $2500-$6500, and our standard price per person will typically range from $55-$62.50 per person.  The price per person includes ALL rentals, gourmet entrĂ©e’s and wait staff.  Our average all-inclusive wedding will typically range from 12-18K. But again, make sure to contact Renee if you want a quote that is specific to your wishes. We also do offer intimate "Wednesday Wedding" packages. There is only a 40 guest minimum and these events typically range from 5-9K.

I want to visit the Alexander Homestead. What’s the next step?
Contact me at renee@ahweddings.net and I would be happy to set up a tour for you! My direct line is 704-737-1023 and can talk with you Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. 

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about what we can offer you.  Remember the average couple is booking their venue 12-18 months in advance so don’t delay in coming to visit with us SOON!

Best Wishes,
Renee Caffee

Director of Sales and Marketing


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