As the event manager at the Alexander Homestead, I can tell you that we know there are so many different types of weddings and different types of brides. There are the brides who like to organize their weddings by themselves (we call them DIY brides) and brides who love to let other people, (professionals of course), deal with the planning of their wedding.   In the case of the latter, the question becomes, how can you let someone else do the planning and still incorporate your vision into your big day? 

Let’s be honest, you are busy. You probably work full time, life is happening all around you, but you still have this beautiful vision for a magical wedding day. At an all-inclusive wedding venue, like Alexander Homestead, much stress is taken off not only the bride, but also the family and the bridal party. Mainly, this is because everything is taken care of by professionals. If you use our vendors, we send them your information, arrange delivery times and even pay them for you!!!!  The best part is that when the big day comes, all of the set up is done, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your day and when the event is over, all of the clean up is done for you.

 A bonus to the all-inclusive venue is that if you’re not spending all of that time worrying about the planning, you can spend more time on DIY details that help personalize your event!  We encourage brides to take time on these personal details.  I always tell our brides that the best weddings we do here at Alexander Homestead are the ones where the brides take advantage of our all inclusive structure and focus on incorporating her and her fiancé’s personal touches into the wedding day.  Using our structure doesn’t mean that you have a “cookie cutter” wedding planned for you right when you book.  You have the flexibility to choose your menu, centerpieces, music, linen colors, and customize little details that mean something to you and your groom.  We spend time with you on these personal areas helping make your wedding day your own.

From our list of decorations and with some guidance by us, you can make your wedding fit your vision by choosing your own centerpieces (vases, candles, runners, etc) and décor. You can go towards the more classic side or the more rustic side.  Examples of personal touches that I have seen recently are;
-Fun engagement pictures of the bride and groom around the barn
-Favors such as bookmarks (a nod to a couple who were avid readers)
-Whoopie pies (for the couple married on pie day)

If you have done any kind of research on our venue by looking at pictures or videos, you have probably already seen that we can accommodate different types of wedding visions.  If not, we encourage you to stop by our website at to get an idea and more information! Whether you are that DIY bride who wants to do everything on her own, or a bride who wants to take advantage of our structure and spend time on personal touches, you have come to the right place! 

Best Wishes,
Christi West 

Event Manager 


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