Bride V.S. Engagement Process

We always enjoy getting to follow up with our brides after the hype of the engagement, the intense planning, and the excitement of the wedding day. In this post, we talk with one of our brides about how she enjoyed her engagement process amidst stress that can be overwhelming. 

1. How did you enjoy the engagement and planning process amidst the chaos?
Our engagement and planning process was as stress-free as they get because my Groom and I were very simple and knew exactly what we wanted with little changes from beginning to end. Even our friends commented on how I seemed like the most relaxed and calm bride they had ever seen! LOL! I just knew that this was such a special and exciting time in our lives that I wanted to be able to enjoy it with no distractions and little to no stress.  

2. Did you feel a lot of stress or chaos? If so, what helped you deal with it?
I felt next to no stress or chaos and one of the factors that probably aided in our relaxation and peace of mind is that we didn't have a bridal party! I think friends and family were a bit concerned at first when they first learned that we didn't plan to have bridesmaids and groomsmen but the ceremony turned out to be one that fairy tales are made of and it all made sense and came together flawlessly on our big day.

3. What helped make your engagement time special?
Our engagement time was most special because during that time we had a lot of family events to attend (other weddings, family reunions, and vacations) that helped our mothers and other family members have a chance to get to know one another even better and get even closer before we officially became one family. It made us both even more excited not only for the wedding festivities but also to come together for more holidays and events in the future to make memories. 

4. What would be your advice to other brides-to-be to really enjoy their engagement time and be in the moment? 
I think brides-to-be can best ensure that they enjoy their engagement time and be in the moment by not focusing on the DAY as much as they focus on the exciting time of their lives that they are about to embark on and that is their marriage.  I was more focused on daydreams of life after the wedding that even though the wedding day itself went by in a flash, I didn't feel sad or withdrawn because the real exciting part of the story for me was only just beginning! Being married has definitely been the best part of the planning process more than anything such that a fun party (which is all the wedding is) was just the icing on the cake! 

Here is a look at how Karen's wedding day turned out...

Thank you Karen for taking the time to share you experience and wisdom with us!!


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