A Full Guide to Fall Weddings at the Alexander Homestead

September is here! That means that Fall is right around the corner. Haven't you noticed? Signs of Fall always appear to me first at the grocery store. The bright pumpkins with their animated faces sit comfortably in the store front displays as shoppers analyze and carefully select the best contenders to take home. Halloween candy begins to be sold by the sack loads and pumpkin spice infects every coffee drink, baked good, and candle scent that is available. Summer fruits begin to fade out from the produce stands, and an abundance of apples becomes present.  I can always count on the grocery store to update me on the upcoming season. As a wedding coordinator, the Fall has a different meaning to me compared to most. It doesn't mean baking homemade apple pie and carving pumpkins nor snuggling up on the couch and drinking warm cider while the excitement of summer vacations fades away faster than my tan. No, to me it only means one thing. It's time to buckle down and get ready for... WEDDING SEASON! Here at the Alexander Homestead, September through November are considered as some of our most popular months to get hitched. Our gardens put on a beautiful color changing display, warming the hearts of our brides with orange and gold hues, while the crisp clean air creates a comfortable atmosphere for outdoor wedding ceremonies. As I do tours of the property with potential brides looking to book in Fall, I always receive the same questions:
        • Will the gardens still have flowers blooming?
        • When do the leaves start changing colors?
        • Do you have any Saturdays in October?
 So, with these questions in mind, I have decided to create: A Full Guide to Fall Weddings at the Alexander Homestead. This series will be posted throughout this next month to prepare you for the upcoming season, so stay tuned!


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