A Full Guide To Fall Weddings At The Alexander Homestead: Part I


     These are the colors of Fall! Our brides looking to book for this time are always curious as to when these colors will make their grand debut and what the Alexander Homestead will look like. In order to answer this question to the fullest, I am going to explain it in two different ways. First, we are going to flash back to some 3rd grade science for a moment. Be prepared, as I will use some words that not even I quite understand. As far as scientific explanations are concerned, leaves contain three pigments of color: green (chlorophyll), yellow (xanthophylls), and orange (carotene). During the Spring and Summer, green is most present. This is because it is working hard to collect sunlight and water to make food for the tree to survive. As the nights grow longer and sunlight hours become shorter, the tree begins to create a barrier between the branch and the stem of the leaf to stop water and nutrients from entering the leaves. The green chlorophyll ceases production and will begin to fade out, and the yellow xanthophylls and orange carotene bleed through. Sugars that become trapped in the leaves manufacture things called anthocyanins that create the red and purple hues completing the color pallet of fall. 
If you were paying attention to the science lesson, then you know that the two main causes of color change in leaves are colder temperatures and less daylight hours. The Fall Equinox takes place on September 22nd. You may be asking yourself ‘what exactly is an equinox’ and ‘what does it have to do with my wedding?’ The equinox is the date that night and day are of equal length. Every day following the equinox will have shorter daylight hours than before kick starting the leaf changing process! In Charlotte, you can start to see the color changing display in mid-October until it is in full swing by early November. That being said, God has his own agenda. Unexpected warm fronts or frosts can prolong or speed up the process, making it hard to predict the exact start date. As the temperatures continue to decrease throughout November and December, the leaves will gradually turn brown and begin to drop. Although, no matter if your wedding is in October or December, the Alexander Homestead has trees that are beautiful year round. We make sure to incorporate evergreens among our deciduous trees to provide a lively green color to the venue. 
        Still not quite getting the mental image you're wanting? That's okay. Science isn't my forte either. Imagine the warm colors of Fall leaves moving about in the wind as you walk gracefully down the aisle. Perhaps pops of burgundy and sage provide a sweet contrast to the surrounding natural pallet of the trees and plants. Cheers and smiles are exchanged while relaxed friends circle around a crackling fire pit enjoying evening chatter. Toasted marshmallows are sandwiched between crisp graham crackers, and squares of melted chocolate ooze from the sides. Warm crisp cider flows and spice becomes fragrant in the air. The radiant genuine feel of the barn welcomes dancers to the floor as the lively tunes resound. Laughter billows and cameras flash, grasping small moments in time to cherish forever. This is what it is like to be wed at The Alexander Homestead in Fall. Now if that didn't do it for you, then guess what? Spring time is right around the corner! Don't get me started on the tulips. 


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